Mana­gement Audit

Get an accurate eva­luation of a mana­gement team

An important audit during key changes

A mana­gement audit is nor­mally con­ducted when an important change happens in the company. These might include a new managing director taking over, a re-struc­turing of the company or key changes in the company’s strategy.

Audits tai­lored according to the client’s needs

The content of the mana­gement audit varies according to the assignment. However, the overall goal is typically to determine a mana­gement team’s capa­bility to work as a team, eva­luate the team’s com­pe­tence to con­tinue to lead the company and identify any risk factors and deve­lopment needs.

The scope is typically quite diver­sified as are the targets of the process. It is typically a com­bi­nation of the pers­pec­tives of the indi­vidual, team/​matrix and business situation in question.

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