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Bring out the best in your per­sonnel, your per­for­mance and your business

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SCCG is your partner when it comes to the stra­tegic resourcing, orga­ni­sa­tional effec­ti­veness and digi­ta­li­sation. We provide wide-ranging HR ser­vices to cor­po­ra­tions throughout Baltic Sea Area. Our specialist fields include new business, tra­di­tional Finnish heavy industry, service business and the retail sector.

Our Ser­vices

Assessment Ser­vices

We help you to identify the potential of your per­sonnel and can­di­dates and match them with the culture, requi­re­ments of the role and strategy of your company. Our assessment service helps you to identify pro­fes­sional profile, potential, risks and deve­lopment needs, and much more.

Orga­ni­sa­tional Effec­ti­veness Coaching

Align your strategy and values to support per­for­mance. We provide Coaching for Managers and teams for building a culture that empowers your organisation’s human capital to support your goals.

Mana­gement Audit

Our Mana­gement audit service gives you a tho­rough unders­tanding of the profile of a mana­gement team, the matrix orga­ni­sation and its indi­vidual profiles.

New Digital Business

Align your digi­ta­li­sation strategy to your per­sonnel and per­for­mance. We provide support for resourcing, orga­ni­sa­tional design and re-struc­turing when digi­ta­li­sation takes place.

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