Assessment Ser­vices

Enhance your company’s rec­ruitment process through
accurate can­didate assessment

Right people for the right tasks

We have two separate assessment ser­vices: a Tra­di­tional assessment service and Mana­gement pro­filing. These ser­vices are tai­lored to the final phase of the rec­ruiting process when there is a need to assess the pro­files and sui­ta­bility of final can­di­dates against pre-deter­mined criteria.

In addition, our ser­vices are ext­remely useful for orga­ni­sa­tions and teams in re-struc­turing and succession planning. They deliver clear and prag­matic out­lines of the par­tici­pants’ mana­gerial pro­files and how they cor­respond to the organisation’s business targets and mana­gement culture as well as the requi­re­ments of the role.

Mana­gement profiling

The Mana­gement pro­filing service is designed for director level roles and
gives the client a second opinion of the candidate’s mana­gerial profile related
to the organization’s culture, values and business targets as well as the specific requi­re­ments of the role.

For example, the service can focus on business acumen, stra­tegic com­pe­tences, change mana­gement com­pe­tences, lea­dership, per­for­mance mana­gement, dele­gation, empowerment, resi­liency, com­mu­nication and pre­sen­tation and mana­gerial risk factors. The process is reflective and feedback is a crucial element of it.

The content of this service is based on business simu­la­tions, reflective inter­views, imme­diate feedback, various lea­dership cases and specific tests.

A valuable tool for your orga­niza­tional development

The service cont­ri­butes strongly to lea­dership deve­lopment and career coaching, which support orga­niza­tional deve­lopment and internal rotation. We include the SHL, Hogan and Hogrefe methods in the process.

This makes our Mana­gement pro­filing especially suited to internal par­tici­pants since both the orga­nization and the par­ticipant gain valuable extra benefits from the coaching.

“Tra­di­tional” Assessment Service

Our “Tra­di­tional” assessment service gives you valuable infor­mation about the strengths, risks, potential and deve­lopment areas of a can­didate against pre-defined concrete criteria. 

Assess the sui­ta­bility of a candidate

Com­pared to our Mana­gement pro­filing service the Tra­di­tional assessment service is more concrete cri­teria-based and “stringent”, and it is not as reflective as Mana­gement pro­filing. The focus of the Tra­di­tional assessment service is to assess whether the can­didate matches the pre-deter­mined concrete cri­teria for the specific role, such as “coo­pe­ration skills”, “leading people” or “order­liness”. The assessment process also con­sists of simu­la­tions and we inte­grate the SHL, Hogan and Hogrefe test methods

Client refe­rences are avai­lable upon request.

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