Attending an Assessment

Instruc­tions on how to attend your assessment or mana­gement profiling


Welcome to SCCG’s assessment or mana­gement pro­filing. We at SCCG support our clients in their rec­ruitment, selec­tions, orga­niza­tional design and succession planning and kindly invite you to take part in our assessment or mana­gement pro­filing process.

The process is indi­vidual and you will not meet any other can­di­dates while you are engaged in it.

Sche­duling an assessment or profiling

We will contact you by phone or e-mail and arrange a sche­duling time,
date and location with you. We will sub­sequently confirm the arranged
time, date and location by e-mail and include arrival instruc­tions and pretasks.

The location and start time

We conduct our appoint­ments at our clients’ faci­lities, at our own office, at
a sui­table hotel or via Mic­rosoft Teams. The process is iden­tical regardless of the location. We arrange the start time to suit your calendar and we endeavor to work around transport time­tables and daily sche­dules. We can hold the appointment as early as 7.00 am and as late as 4.00 pm. Natu­rally, we have some limi­ta­tions, but we try to be as flexible as pos­sible. When there is a genuine need, we can conduct our appoint­ments during the weekend.

Mate­rials ja Process

All the tests and other mate­rials used in the assess­ments are under copy­right.
The­refore, any form of copying, pho­to­graphing, video recording or
other form of duplication or saving of these mate­rials is not per­mitted. If
you have any ques­tions related to this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

By par­tici­pating in the assessment, you the­refore give consent for SCCG to send an assessment report con­taining your per­sonal details to the client as part of their process.

Overview of the management
pro­filing and assessment process

We begin the process with a discussion about your career and moti­vation. We then complete between one and three prac­tical simu­la­tions con­ducted
by the consultant.

A reflective testing process

The process is reflective and you will receive feedback during the process
itself. You will also be given prac­tical tips and tools to develop your lea­dership and mana­gement com­pe­tences in areas such as per­for­mance mana­gement, dele­gation, empowerment, com­mu­nication and pre­sen­tation. All of this infor­mation develops in res­ponse to the prac­tical simu­la­tions – not from the tests.

Valuable insight and feedback

At the end of the process you will be given an insight into your test results together with feedback, which is a com­bi­nation of all ele­ments of the process. You will receive overall feedback before leaving and will later be sent a more compre­hensive written report. Please, ask your report when the rec­ruiting process is over: info@​sccg.​fi. Remember that the report focuses on the nature of the role, the business field and function, and your profile – in this sense, it is not an overall objective picture of you as a leader and manager. Rather, it is a desc­ription of the match between the requi­re­ments and your profile.

Our Clients

We look upon what we do as serving the needs of several clients: the “actual” client, the sta­ke­holders and the client’s business. However, we want to emp­hasise that you are also our client, and the process is always an oppor­tunity for you to reflect on your own career, lea­dership beha­viour and yourself as an individual.

If you have any ques­tions or need to change your time, please contact us 

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